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Landscaping do's and don'ts

This page is dedicated to landscaping errors that I have seen as I have traveled around town. Some of which we can all possibly find in our own landscapes at home.



These stakes have remained too long, they need to be replaced

        Not only have these stakes outlived their usefulness, but they haven't helped to keep the tree growing straight. I think it is safe to say that besides caretaker neglect, this tree has experienced trama beyond the caretakers control. Possibly, having been hit by a passing vehicle.

When landscaping a perennial bed, keep in mind what your bed will look like during the winter.

Keep in mind what your landscape will look like during winter.

        A few evergreens are certainly called for here? The caretaker had flowers in the barrel during the summer, however, during the winter the whiskey barrel seems to double a as a trash receptacle.


Don't stake your tree's?        

        Most experts will tell you not to stake your trees. Staking your tree's reduces the "swing and sway" that tree's naturally do in their normal environment. This "swing and sway" is required for the natural development and growth of your trees. However, some people still want to stake their tree's for at least the first year of the trees growth. This I understand is acceptable, as long as after the first year, you remove the stakes and let the tree grow naturally. Here's an example of why you should remove tree stakes after at least one year.

If you stake your trees at all, don't leave your stake wire or stakes around the 
tree for any longer than one year.Dead Tree Walking: notice difference in tree trunk 
size above and below stake wire



If wire is left around this tree, the tree will most 
probably expire. If wire is removed from around this tree, the tree will most probably 

Here the nutrients moving down to the roots of the tree are being restricted by the stake wire. The bark of the tree has already grown around the wire. Due to the neglect of the trees owner, this tree faces certain eventual death.

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